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Jesus Christ Prison Ministry

Our Mission is to help inmates - perhaps a loved one of yours - become a contributing member of society.  We have all made mistakes in the past.  It is now time to change our lives and become responsible members of our family, society and God.

We send Bibles, Christian books and literature to inmates in all 50 states. We write every inmate who writes us. We send an inspirational newsletter each month to all inmates who receive a "Christian Packet" from us.

To empower others with the teachings of Jesus so that they can do as Jesus commanded us to do, " go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:19,20

We are here to serve you in anyway we can. The Bible Studies, videos, and anything else posted on this website is for you to use as you need to help spread the Gospel. You may use them, put them on your blog's, post them on your Facebook, print them and pass them out. Anything you can do to spread the truth.


Moni's Story 

I grew up in India. Women in India have no rights and are treated much like slaves. The abuse is terrible. Without Jesus in the hearts of the men and women of India, there can be no change. Please listen to my story.

Juan Beltran

I grew up in Los Angeles in and out of youth authority. Then finally I made it to the "big house". I was addicted to drugs sex and fast money. I was in gangs and had no real sense of what it meant to live a real life. I was living the life I thought every one else wanted me to live.

Then I came across the book,"Change Your Life Biblically ", and it changed my life. I began to see that my life was uncontrollable and the only way to control it was to submit to the teachings of my Savior Jesus Christ. I now sit on the board of Directors of Jesus Christ Prison Ministry. I don't use drugs anymore. I am clean and sober and living life to the fullest.​

Samuel Nhem

I grew up in long beach California. Under the guidance of Chtistian parents. My rebellion against God started when I was 11 years old. In and out of jails since the age of 13, and finally landed in prison at 19 years old. I spent almost nine years behind bars.

At 19 when I went to prison, and started to repent. I wanted to know more about that Jesus my Christian parents where always talking about. Then I came across the flyer for the book,"Change Your life Biblically." I learned more in those three volumes about Jesus then I could have spending week after week sitting in a church house. Now the Lord has blessed me with my freedom and a place with Jesus Christ Prison Ministry.​