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Prison Mission Report

 Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,dog

"The trials of life are God’s workmen, to remove the impurities and roughness from our character. Their hewing, squaring, and chiseling, their burnishing and polishing, is a painful process; it is hard to be pressed down to the grinding wheel. But the stone is brought forth prepared to fill its place in the heavenly temple. Upon no useless material does the Master bestow such careful, thorough work. Only His precious stones are polished after the similitude of a palace." EGW:MB


It is the trials of life that are to remove the impurities from our lives. We as Christians are never to be "trials" in other people’s lives. We are to be a blessing as they go through their trials.


Unfortunately too many think that it is their duty to bring sorry and misery to others. They think that they are to be the "grinding wheel" to make others "perfect". That is not our duty. That is God’s duty.


Our duty is to remove any unnecessary yoke from those around us. We are to help relieve the burdens from their lives. It is our duty as Christians to bring all the joy and happiness to those around us that we can.


One of those "trials" and the "bondage" that some churches and people place on others is food. "You have to eat this. You can’t eat that." Have you heard such things. There are general health "PRINCIPLES" but each must apply those principles according their own needs. Some say you can’t eat peanut butter. Some say you can’t eat sugar. Some say you can’t drink milk. Listen to this:


"There is real common sense in health reform. People cannot all eat the same things. Some articles of food that are wholesome and palatable to one person, may be hurtful to another. Some cannot use milk, while others can subsist upon it. For some, dried beans and peas are wholesome, while others cannot digest them. Some stomachs have become so sensitive that they cannot make use of the coarser kind of graham flour. So it is impossible to make an unvarying rule by which to regulate every one’s dietetic habits.


Narrow ideas, an overstraining of small points, have been a great injury to the cause of hygiene. There may be such an effort at economy in the preparation of food, that, instead of a healthful diet, it becomes a poverty-stricken diet. What is the result? — Poverty of the blood. I have seen several cases of disease most difficult to cure, which were due to impoverished diet. The persons thus afflicted were not compelled by poverty to adopt a meager diet, but did so in order to follow out their own erroneous ideas of what constitutes health reform. Day after day, meal after meal, the same articles of food were prepared without variation, until dyspepsia and general debility resulted." {CTBH 57.1, 2}


Dear Sirs,

My name is Tomas. I am currently in prison. I got your address from a good Christian man. He said I’d probably love to hear what you have to say and teach. Especially a book titled, "Change Your Life Biblically". If possible, can you please send me a copy of it if it is available and anything you would like to send. I am very much interested in creationism. Thank you very much for your time and am looking forward to hearing from you.

Tomas, CA



Dear Brother Ron,

As you know, there are so many opportunities to witness, share the Gospel, and apply demonstration on how to live our lives. So many times there is fear around here about who to talk to, but He gives me the strength to do His work. Many times we get rejected because of bad attitudes. Yet I try to stand firm. While standing in the chow line with Alex, I encourage him to keep aware that continuing arguments are all around us as well as men who distract us and do your best to be kind and patient. This I practice from the book as I am working the 8 steps constantly and increasing measure.

Robert, TX




I am a prisoner. I love Jesus and love to read different writings about our God and Saviour. Two of my friends in Jesus wrote me a letter telling me about a good book about Jesus. It is titled, "Change Your Life Biblically". A workbook written by a prisoner over a seven year period. If you would be so kind and send me a copy of this book, I would be very grateful.

Michael, CA



Jesus Christ Prison Ministry,

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be able to write you again. Over this past summer I was in San Quentin’s reception center and I had a friend tell me about your ministry. He shared your address and I did write you, but I never received a response. Most likely because I was transferred to an actual prison. In the move I lost all of my property. I recently asked a friend on the outside if she could look up your ministry. She just wrote me back last week. I am so blessed that I found you. I am very interested in the book that you were sending prisoners. I am really trying to better my life and with Christ as my foundation I’m succeeding.

Matthew, CA



Dear Brother Ron,

I want to thank you once again for the book, "Change Your Life Biblically". I have to admit that I have been taking my time, trying not to rush so that I can learn and get all that I can out of it. There is so much that I can learn. There is so much about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to learn. Reading the Bible along with your book is helping me to understand more of what I’ve been missing all along. Your book is a real blessing and I truly appreciate you and your ministry for all that you do to inspire all those who are willing to learn and be inspired in the things of the Lord in prison and in the free world.

Anthony, CA




I’ve just been spending a lot of time in my book, "Change Your Life Biblically". The book, I love it!!

Christopher, CA



To Whom It may Concern,

I am writing to say that I am very interested in your workbook studies. I have a friend here at this fire camp that brought these teachings to my attention. I want to change my life. I pray that God will help me rightly divide His Word in my life. I want to strengthen my personal relationship with God. I want to reach out to others in God’s name and edify others. I want spiritual strength and knowledge that will enable me to work for Him. I would also like to build a relationship and correspond with someone that is on the path that is called straight, in God’s path. I am looking to the cross today because I know that is where all the answers are.

Chris, CA



Brother Ronald,

Thank you so very much. Friday I received the study workbook. It’s going to be a great joy to read this book and to learn from it. I passed on your address to some of my friends and told them to give it to other brothers as well. Within a couple of months or so I should be on my way to a fire camp. I will keep you informed to where I am going to be. Brother Ronald, I’m going to take my time with this book. I want to be able to fully understand what I’m reading. Please keep me in prayer and my family for things to get better for them and for me to change my stupid ways. Once I get to camp I’ll be able to send you a book of stamps.

Perry, CA



Dear Brother Ronald,

I just received your latest letter informing me that the workbook is on its way to me. I very much look forward to it. Because I believe that this is one of the bridges that will help me become closer to God. I definitely will write you to let you know how I’m doing and how the book has affected my life. I just can’t wait to get it. I’m not going to rush myself through it because, as you said, eternal life is way more important than a certificate. I want to gain a full and clear understanding of what I’m reading. That way I can fully experience the joy of God’s love which I know is the best feeling one can experience. So thank you for allowing me this opportunity to strengthen my relationship with God through your ministry.

Bey, NY



Respected Brother,

I am overwhelmed by your kind consideration to include me in your study group. My joy is boundless since this, to me at least, signals that I have found some favor with God as demonstrated by your decision to send me the book, "Change Your Life Biblically".

Walter, CA



Brother Ronald John,

We pray all is well with you and your son. You each are in our prayers. May God bless you and your ministry. Thank you for sending the 3 books to the 3 prisoners. They were happy to receive them and said "thanks". They are out now but we have 1 more that we want you to send your book, "Change Your Life Biblically" to. Enclosed is a check for $25 for the book. Thank you and may God bless each of you.

Larry & Barbara, TN (non-inmates)



Brother Ron,

I’ve heard lots of good things about your Bible studies. Can you please send me the "Change Your Life Biblically" Bible study?

Amber, CA


Dear Brother Ronald,

I know only a little about you and this ministry. Yet it inspires me so much. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this book. As I told you in my first letter, it’s only been within the last year that I have developed a friendship with God. May God bless you for the beautiful faith you bring to those who need it the most. As you probably remember, incarceration is very discomforting and extremely depressing at times. I am enclosing ten stamps to send the workbook. In the future I will try to send you more so that you may help someone who is completely indigent. I am fortunate and very blessed that I have family and friends to help me during these rough times. Many don’t have that. I have also asked 3 friends who are financially set to make a small donation to your ministry.

Matthew, CA


Dear Ronald John,

I received your book yesterday. I am thankful for this opportunity. I have glanced through the book and it looks very interesting and exciting. I will be reading it daily for a long time. I will write you often with where I am at in the book and if I have a problem with anything, I will be asking you to help explain it. Well, I just wanted to let you know I received your book and also to ask you to send me what you mean by "work for Jesus".

Jeff, CA


To: the Ministry of Jesus Christ,

Greetings beloved. I was currently informed of your ministry and a book called, "Change Your Life Biblically". I am an indigent, broke down, no-good who wants to change; but has trouble believing or understanding. So somebody who I don’t even know suggested I write to you for this book. This may sound strange to you, but I think this guy was an angel.

Chris, CA



I am very pleased with your book. I found it to be very informative and was glad that I am not alone in my quest for the truth. I have recently come back to God and have been doing my best to follow His Commandments and I keep the 7th day Sabbath. I am going to become a servant to God and will worship Him everywhere. I have learned and read the Bible and your book as often as I can. I am going to set up a tithing from my wages. It isn’t much. I only make $50 a month. But I will send you the 25%. I trust God to take care of me.

Robert, SD


Hello Ron,

I got the message about manipulation. It is a very bad character flaw I am trying to deal with. After many years in here it became sort of natural. I am working on it. I do want you to know Ron you and your book are really helping me grow on a regular basis. I get frustrated with these Christians who are so closed minded and don’t want to hear obedience. I honestly don’t understand what they could be studying all the time. They always have a Bible in their hand and are doing a million Bible studies through the mail, but don’t know the basics. I did have a lengthy conversation with my first messianic Jew yesterday. It ended well. He started explaining to me the 300 or so commandments still in effect: the feast days etc. I came back at him with the difference between God’s law and the Mosaic law (you would have been proud). I used your stick to dig a poop hole analogy. Anyway, at the end of our conversation he was receptive to wanting to read "Acts of the Apostles" and we are going to talk more in a few days. I have my neighbor, Mike, how has your book. He has read your book but still doesn’t grasp the importance of the Sabbath.

Danny, CA


Brother Ron,

Enclosed is a check for $1,000 to help your ministry. Time is short. Help those who cannot afford the materials. Put materials on the shelves at the prison libraries, if possible. Soon things will shut down. Work while there is still daylight, for the night commeth!

Frank, CO: Non-inmate



How’s it going? The weather here is overcast with intermittent rain, so nothing unusual here. I currently remain unemployed but remain hopeful. This economy is insane! Is the end of our freedom near with gov’t control of private enterprise? Anyway... I’m working to apply what I’ve read in the book you gave me. Namely following the Ten Commandments. This is more difficult than I would’ve thought; so it’s requiring some work on my part. This past weekend I did manage to earn a few bucks helping a friend install a 6 foot wood privacy fence around his backyard. It’s not a professional job, but he’s happy with it. It will do well at keeping out the riffraff (sometimes referred to as neighbors). And he’s got some more work for me around his house.


Your Friend, John, MO (John is a parolee: he was my son’s cell mate. My son Jeff has now been home with me since January. He is doing great. He is making the ministry his life. He is learning so he can step in as director someday. Please keep him in your prayers.



Dear Ronald,

I haven’t written in quite a while. I thought it was best to write to you and let you know what I’ve been up too and what the Lord has been doing in my life. After I got back to the penitentiary from county jail, I shared my story and testimonies with the brothers here. I shared your address and other information with them as well. I don’t know if any of them wrote to you or asked for the Bible study, "Change Your Life Biblically", but I believe that some seeds were planted and that those men then and do have a positive choice to make in their lives. Over the past few months the enemy of our souls has been trying to stop me from spreading the good news. Currently I am in segregation (the hole) due to one of these attempts. But I continue to spread the good news inside the hole with the men here as well. Some in the hole are not too eager or receptive to hear the truth of the gospel or God’s Word. But I know that seeds again are being planted. I know that I haven’t written to you in a while. I wanted you to know that I have received no mail from the web pen-pal site. Currently I am in route to another institution and I will have another address soon.

Jason, WA



Dear Brother,

I received your "Change Your Life Biblically" workbook and your newsletter. Thank you very much. I appreciate the fact that you make available your material free. May God bless you.

Reynaldo, CA


To Whom it May Concern,

I don’t have no money come in from the outside. I only get my state pay. It ant’ much, it’s just to get my hygiene. I get around $12, but they take some then I get $6 a month. If I could I would give but I can’t right now. I have a hard time right now. I need to find the Lord so if you can help me that would be good.

Anthony, CO




I was told by my old celly about your book, "Change Your Life Biblically". He said he was going to send you those 10 stamps for me. I just finished volume I and I think this book is incredible. I know that my life hasn’t been what it should of been, but I really want to change my lifestyle. "Change Your Life Biblically" has very important information in it. Everyday I open it up and the Gospel seems easier and easier to understand. I’ve lived my life hard and very sinful. God, my family and myself are all tired of seeing these acts of mine. This new experience I am trying is new to me. I was brought up Catholic but now I just want to understand the Word of God. I understand that many churches don’t teach about obeying the Commandments and the Sabbath. I want to do further studies about the Sabbath.

Rudy, CA



Dear Prison Ministry,

I saw an ad "Change Your Life Biblically". May I please receive your free newsletter and any other spiritual Bible based literature you have available?

Therese, HI



I am interested in requesting the workbook, "Change Your Life Biblically". I want to begin this Bible study as soon as possible.

Alex, FL


Ronald John,

Yes, I received your book last week. I am reading it slowly. I’m up to "Godliness". Most knowledgeable and interesting book. Best I’ve ever read except for the Bible. I am taking my time with your book. I want to get a perfect score so I can get a pen-pal. I’d like to get someone who’ll assist me with the Hebrew language which I have been studying for years. I enjoyed what you said about "In the beginning Gods..." Yes, I could see and understand that. "G.O.D." is a title. I believe that! Your book really opened up my spiritual eye thus far. Your book is for the serious minded student and requires in-depth reading, so it’ll be awhile before I answer the test questions. Please, if you would, send our chaplain here one of your books. I let him read some of mine last Friday and he enjoyed what he read. I love your book. It teaches to trust Jesus and only Jesus.

Ronald, IL


Dear Brother Ronald,

Thank you for getting back at me. I’m just going to tell you a little about myself. I’m 24 years young. I started gang banging with the homies instead of banging for the Lord. I’ve been in it all from the halls to camp, from camp to CYA, from CYA to the county jail and now prison. My mother has never been there or here for me nor my father. My grandmother use to take care of me, but she past away in 2005 from cancer. I was born in the system. My mother and father were in prison at the time I was born. So now I’m on my own. I would like to make the right change I need so I don’t end up back in the system. I would like the workbook but I don’t have the funds or stamps right now.

Calvin, CA


Dear Brother Ron,

I’m writing this note to tell you I’m out of prison and in this program called E.P.I.C. During the shuffle I lost my belongings, including your most enlightening book. I’m kindly asking if you would please send me another one. I greatly appreciate it Ron.

Caesar, CA


Dear Ron,

I have been pondering my plight quite seriously because time doesn’t wait for anyone. I’ve been reading your book which you sent me. It has given light to me in many ways. There were times when I wondered if God really did exist. To date I think differently. I think that all I have is God and hope. I haven’t any friends to speak of. My folks are tripping hard. I wonder some times what’s left in life for me?

Sherman, CA


Brother Ron John,

Turtles, fishes and ducks and the rest of the JCPM staff. :-) Praise God for all of the miraculous and awesome things He does on our behalf. Here in prison we definitely have our share of ups and downs. It seems that we are dealing with lukewarmness in our circle of commandment keeping brothers. Here are some stamps. The Lord willing He can do a lot with this meager offering like He did with the loaves & fishes. Please continue doing the Lord’s work in spreading the truth as there are others who have not bowed the knee to the falsehoods and traditions that has pervaded the church and especially during this laodicean age.

Anthony, CA



I came upon a flyer of your ministry while commuting to work in LA. I’m interested in making a donation to purchase a "Change Your Life Biblically" book. Will the book be delivered directly to inmates or do I need to send the book myself? Thanks.

lisa (Non-inmate)


Dear Prison Ministry,

I just got a bookmark that said you guys have a free bible studies. I thought that would help me out by learning about Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father. That is why I’m writing to see if I could join your free Bible studies.

James, UT


Ronald John,

I was pleased to hear from you. I re-read volume 1 as you requested. I have great news, the truth here is spreading. There are about four strong Sabbath keepers here. My celly Jesse also accepted God’s truth. We hold yard services. The odd part though this group is all Spanish speaking. The good thing is my Spanish is getting better. Even more odd is how though we speak and preach in Spanish, English speakers are being reached and touched. You should see it, Spanish speakers teaching English speakers. One thing I notice about these Spanish speaking brothers, they are faithful. The speaking and preaching in Spanish has opened doors for reaching non-Spanish speakers. I welcome it.

Frankie, CA


(Folks, we need $30,000 to get the book translated and printed into Spanish. Please, is there anyone willing to sacrifice a bit of their retirement fund to help us. 6 people at $5,000 each would get the ball rolling. Who will let the Spirit touch their hearts?)

Dear Mr. John,

This is Michael writing you. I received "Change Your Life Biblically" over a year ago and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I am presently incarcerated in prison and would appreciate it if you could send me several applications for the book to me. I’ve explained to the other inmates here that due to production costs and postage and handling etc., a request for 10 postage stamps was being asked for, if I remember correctly. Several inmates, after looking through my copy, feel that’s more than reasonable. Yes, I’ve been keeping the 7th day Saturday Sabbath!

Michael, CA


Dear Brother Ron,

Don’t worry bro., your just being tested. The funds will come. As you tell me, have patience. Stay firm in the faith. Look at what Paul went through for Christ. Not once did his faith and trust in Christ falter. It’s not an easy thing being a follower of Christ. When you’re no longer a part of the world it seems like everything is harder. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We all go through things that tests our faith. That’s the whole point. God wants to see wether we will stay firm or falter in time of trouble. Will we rely on ourselves or will we come to God for the strength to overcome that trouble. I’m still learning how to do this. How to look to God for guidance and not what I know. Human wisdom has errors. God’s is perfect. You already know this. There are areas I’m still struggling with. When you’ve been doing something for a long time, it’s a habit and habits are very hard to break.

Anthony, NV


Dear Brother Ron,

I just thought that I’d write you a letter to let you know that I am still on the battlefield for My Lord: reading, studying, learning and enjoying your workbook, "Change Your Life Biblically". I truly like the way your book explains and brakes down the Word of God. I’m learning a lot about things like Sanctification, Justification, Grace, Atonement and the list goes on. To me it’s the next best thing to the Bible itself. I say that because it’s based on the Word of God and what it has to say about the message of salvation. Your work has also been an inspiration to me in helping me to read and study the Word of God. Especially when I’m feeling a bit down because of my circumstances. I want to thank you once again brother Ron.

Anthony, CA

Love in Christ: Ron & Son