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Prison Mission Report

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,Dog

Many today, if imbued with the same spirit of self-sacrifice, could do a good work in a similar way. Let two or more start out together in evangelistic work. Let them visit the people, praying, singing, teaching, explaining the Scriptures, and ministering to the sick. Some can sustain themselves as canvassers; others, like the apostle, can labor at some handicraft or in other lines of effort. As they move forward in their work, realizing their helplessness, but humbly depending upon God, they gain a blessed experience. The Lord Jesus goes before them, and among the wealthy and the poor they find favor and help.

Throughout the world, messengers of mercy are needed. There is a call for Christian families to go into communities that are in darkness and error, to go to foreign fields, to become acquainted with the needs of their fellow men, and to work for the cause of the Master. If such families would settle in the dark places of the earth, places where the people are enshrouded in spiritual gloom, and let the light of Christ’s life shine out through them, what a noble work might be accomplished.

This work requires self-sacrifice. While many are waiting to have every obstacle removed, the work they might do is left undone, and multitudes are dying without hope and without God. Some for the sake of commercial advantage, or to acquire scientific knowledge, will venture into unsettled regions and cheerfully endure sacrifice and hardship; but how few for the sake of their fellow men are willing to move their families into regions that are in need of the gospel.

To reach the people, wherever they are, and whatever their position or condition, and to help them in every way possible--this is true ministry. By such effort you may win hearts and open a door of access to perishing souls.

In all your work remember that you are bound up with Christ, a part of the great plan of redemption. The love of Christ, in a healing, life-giving current, is to flow through your life. As you seek to draw others within the circle of His love, let the purity of your language, the unselfishness of your service, the joyfulness of your demeanor, bear witness to the power of His grace. Give to the world so pure and righteous a representation of Him, that men shall behold Him in His beauty.

It is of little use to try to reform others by attacking what we may regard as wrong habits. Such effort often results in more harm than good. In His talk with the Samaritan woman, instead of disparaging Jacob’s well, Christ presented something better. "If thou knewest the gift of God," He said, "and who it is that saith to thee, Give Me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of Him, and He would have given thee living water." John 4:10. He turned the conversation to the treasure He had to bestow, offering the woman something better than she possessed, even living water, the joy and hope of the gospel. MH 154-157

Dear Brother Ronald John,

Before I didn’t have faith. I had thought I knew the Bible. I read it front and back 4-6 times. But I didn’t call myself a Christian. I didn’t know how to be a true Christian. Faith is to be true and certain. It is an act of obedience. As the saying goes, you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk. My thinking was as follows: in my struggling in life, why would God, if there is a God, let me live or let this happen to me? I had always questioned God’s doings. I now know that was Satan working to keep me away from Jesus Christ. Through the imposed hardships I have learned. I stand back and ask myself, Gilbert, there is a purpose for this. So don’t get upset. When things don’t go your way: faith and perseverance. With CYLB it awakened the sleeping giant. I learned the Lord is in all of us knocking and waiting on the other side of the door. Go ahead and open it. There’s no reason to be afraid. There on the other side stands waiting: love compassion and faith and honesty and truth. There stands the Son of Man. In prison most feel they have to put up this front "face" as if they are solid steel. Prisoners and C/O’s alike. Satan will attack the children of God relentlessly waiting for any opportunity to break a Christians’s faith. With patience and perseverance and knowing the truth of Jesus Christ I will prevail. It is not only to say that you are a Christian, but it is of speaking of God’s Word in faith to others. Not all are going to accept the teachings and works of Jesus Christ. This is what I have been going through with in here. I am teaching things that are different from what the other churches teach in their Bible studies. They want to argue and debate. I am not going to do that. That is what the High Priest in Jesus day tried to do. I have been passing out your flyers and talking of things I learned from the study book, CYLB.

Gilbert, TX

Dearest Ronald John,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for the workbook, "Change Your Life Biblically". Already I have seen changes as well as small miracles happening in my life. I’m not saying life has been easy, seeing that I’m in jail, but already the relationship between my wife and I has improved. I’m learning so much that I’m convicted even when I have a slip of the tongue. I’m walking with God and would really like to know how I can help and be a warrior for God even when I get out of here. I’m tried of being a warrior for the wrong side. I can honestly say that walking with God has put my mind, body and soul at ease. I’m honestly trying to show my wife and children that I’m changing and I’m trying to show God that I’m the man He meant for me to be. I’ll be going up state in about 2 weeks. I’ll be writing you from there. Also, I will give you a little progress report. If you don’t mind of course. I hope I haven’t taken too much of your time. Thank you and God bless you.

Jerry, CA

Dear Brother Ronald John,

This is the second time I am writing you. The first time I wrote and requested a "Change Your Life Biblically" workbook and also shared a little about my life with you. I was a little disappointed when you wrote back with no book. I want you to know that I am indigent. I was also bummed out when brother Jerry received his copy of the workbook. We wrote you about the same time. My other brother James has shown me some real interesting and fascinating things in your book. Both Jerry and James are up to their heads in your book and are not letting their’s go. I feel I can learn a lot from your book. I am also reading the Word but would love to also do some exercises from the workbook. My brother James says your book helps you understand the Bible with more clarity. I so much need that. Now, if you can please, please send me a copy of your "Change Your Life Biblically" workbook, I would truly appreciate it.

Rolando, CA

(Folks, some inmate have a hard time following directions. I send a book to every inmate who follows directions and fills out the information perfectly.)

Dear Ronald John,

Please accept my donation to further your ministry. I would appreciate your mailing the Change Your Life Workbook along with a Bible to Daniel and also, anything else you have to offer him. Thank you.

Tish, CA (Non-inmate)

Dear Mr. Ronald John,

I wrote you and filled out the paper requesting your workbook. I am a brother in Christ as like yourself. God has and will do many wonderful things for me. Anyway, I understand that there are some financial situations concerning your workbook. The reason I am writing you is because I don’t have any funds. My situation is not good when I get released. I have no job, no home, etc. So I don’t have any funds on the outside. But while I am in here, all I can do is build my relationship with God. I am a very good artist and I do a lot of Christian art. That is one way I build a strong relationship with Him. God has blessed me with a talent so why not use it to praise Him. I would really like to complete your workbook because I would be very interested in my very own web site. With you being in prison before and changing your life through Christ gave me strength to know that God is powerful and as long as I let Him do His will in my life anything is possible.

Tim, TN

Dear Brother Ronald,

I received your reply to my request today and would like to thank you so much for responding so quickly. I’m very anxious to get started on your study as another inmate keeps telling me how good it is. As far as sending money, I cannot because I have no family here in Tennessee. Maybe I could send 2-3 stamps at a time until I get your paid up. I don’t think I’ll ever have 10 stamps at any one time.

Cory, TN

Dear Brother Ronald,

I didn’t know you stayed in such close contact with the people that requested books from you. I received the book you sent only after I shared the legal info you included. Thank you very much. It helped greatly. The workbook is great. I’m not so much learning new stuff but refreshing what I already know. The parts about living a sinless life are the best. And I like how you put the sanctuary message. The workbook is giving validity to what I have always, in my heart, known to be the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is giving me the why to what I already know to be true. For some reason I’ve always been a "why" kind of person.

Ryan, TN

Hi Ron,

I want to thank you for sending that book to me. I received it about three weeks ago. I would have sent a letter thanking you right away, but I had just sent out a letter and I have to conserve. It’s nice to review some of the things in it. I really like reading about some of the history events. I always liked history. I like things that are factual ...especially when they have been prophesied before hand. The Bible is filled with prophesies and I get excited (awestruck) when I can see it. I have been going to Bible studies here. Although the teachers are deceived and some of the things they teach just aren’t so, I like to keep them somewhat in-line. It’s a good place for me to find people who really want to know the truth. It works out well for those whose minds haven’t already been impregnated with the false popular Christian teachings. Speaking of impregnated, I want to mention a scripture I came to understand: Matthew 24:19. "Woe to those who are pregnant...". I always took this as a literal meaning but to be honest it really didn’t make much sense. Why not woe to those who are handicapped, crippled or suffering with some kind of disease or ailment? The spiritual meaning that makes sense is "Woe to those who are impregnated with false doctrine", "Nursing babes", teaching others their false doctrine. I’m glad you mentioned about not thinking of myself as a prisoner of the state. I think at times I probably get into this mode. You are absolutely right about being a missionary of God. To be honest I think others realize this with the boldness that I can speak of God’s Word and the things He has revealed. I have to thank God everyday for opening my eyes to His truths. How patient He was with me. Waiting for me to come around. Waiting until I was almost 44 years old.

Peter, IL

Dear Brother Ron,

Thank you for writing. Bill received his letter and was happy that you wrote him back. It really helped him understand the concept of who God is. I sympathize with those that are still in the box. I used to be in that box. Standing on my own garbage. For some reason though, Jesus had mercy on me and I began to see my filth. So I immediately wanted to rid myself of all that filth. It has taken a lot of time and I still have more defects to overcome. I thank you for your explanation. I need to keep studying in depth and listening to Jesus, asking for guidance and understanding. I need to get this information drilled into my head and permanently stuck there. This week was the last week of the summer semester. My last little essay I wrote for English was a 500 word essay titled: "Following God is a choice." In it I made some comments about obeying the Ten Commandments. This produced some comments from my professor. The thing is I really didn’t have time to expand on what I was saying since I was only doing like a 3 page work. At any rate, he showed me the typical Ephesians 2:11-22. I started to go back to the teachings of Christ in order to demonstrate why I was making such remarks about the Ten Commandments. He started scratching his chin and said he liked my way of thinking and also said we would have to sit down sometime when we have more time to discuss things. We were in the middle of taking our finals that day so we were pressed for time. I tell you, I’m looking forward to doing some research and writing some controversial papers. I believe this will be good experience for me. I pray for wisdom to do it God’s way. I had a good study with a couple other inmates. I pray our hearts respond to the call of God and we stand up for truth and walk in the Lord’s way.

Preston, IN

Dear Brother Ron,

I have continued to read the book, "Change Your Life Biblically" and am applying it to my walk. I’ve went through volume I again as instructed and I will use this letter to tell you what I’ve learned and how I’m applying it. I learned about the true definition of faith. Faith is not just something that you feel in your heart. Faith is actually doing something. It is discharging ones duties faithfully. This is a very important teaching to me because now I know faith without works is dead. I know that daily I can’t just say I believe in the Bible, I have to really walk it out. Because of this my walk is really changing. My language is changing, even the thoughts that I have are beginning to change. I learned about the prophecies in Daniel and Revelations. Look how accurate God’s Word is. Look how He provides detailed accounts of the Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman Empires. Then He describes the European powers. Amazingly the trumpets signally pinpointed how Rome is destroyed. If Jesus can tell world history before it happens, then surely the Bible can lead me to the right direction. I have read the Word constantly every day two or three times a day since I read your book the first time. I’ve learned through "Change Your Life Biblically" about the temple and its furniture and what it means and about the true Holy Sabbath. What you teach about the Sabbath is so true. It has inspired me to hand out the request slips for your book. I want everyone to know about the true day God has set aside for people to worship. I really hope more people from this prison will write to get the book and follow it. I’m so glad that I work in the prison laundry Monday through Friday and get Saturday off to study the Word. I know I will carry this practice on into my future now that I know about it. I think the most profound teaching in Volume I and your book was about grace. Yes, I was certainly misled by Set Free Church. I though at first this church was so kind and gracious to allow members to continually fall into all the worst sorts of sins over and over again and still keep them in fellowship. I see that God can’t be played with. He provides grace to us as babes, though His expectation is that we will grow up. He says be perfect as I am perfect. He says that if you love me you will obey me; you will keep my commandments. It’s like all these churches teach that grace is a license to live how we want. It’s fire insurance. But the truth is, God is not mocked. We reap what we sow. It’s like so many forget that verse that says faith without works is dead. Well, I am working my butt off to deepen my spirituality by doing the right things. Volume I talked about the false prophets who are misleading so many on the broad way to destruction with false teachings. With churches like that we really do need spiritual warriors like yourself out there. I am learning daily the blessing of self-control. I am day by day building that character of godliness. What you teach in this book is so profound it inspires me to pass out the order forms, to pray more, to study the Word and spiritual books more, to not speak as though I’m of the world and to not want to worship like the pagans do. Thank you so very much for your awesome work.

Martin, CA

Dear Brother Ron,

I just received the intro booklet you sent. I was amazed on how you got started. God truly works in mysterious ways and has blessed you and those whose lives you changed Biblically beyond a shadow of a doubt. I’m truly looking forward to reading your book. In fact, I’m actually anxious. Its got me by the door listening for my last name and last two digits of my CDC # to be called. In a way you already have changed my life. I feel this is a start of a very good friendship Ron. Its a calling from God that I just haven’t figured out yet. But I believe it will come soon. The story of how the ministry was formed and built is truly a work of blessing from God. I pray God keeps on blessing you the way He has. I pray you continue changing people’s lives for the better. Your giving people hope as they build their faith of giving it to God. The words from others are truly inspirational and inspiring. I’m happy to know that you, along with the lawyer from PJI, won the settlement for the materials you send. Thank you Lord. You’ll be able to reach more people without the headache of having stuff getting sent back. Thanks for making my time easier and for bringing a change in my life. I can just imagine how it will be after I’ve read your book and apply myself to your teachings. I do believe this is a start of a new friendship. Your ministry is not to far from where I live and I do believe God has a purpose for us to meet when the time permits.

Alexander, CA


My name is Ramiro Garcia and I am in State Prison at Corcoran and someone gave me the information of this awesome ministry that God has lifted up to help the needy, to provide the spiritual food and the water of life that God has entrusted you to give to his people the spiritual maintenance of every soul. Thanks for your enthusiasm and your will to serve God. Well, I just wanted to ask you if it’s possible for you to send me a study Bible? Thank you and may God bless you and multiply your ministries and give divine wisdom love in Christ your brother Ramiro Garcia. Please pray for my spiritual life that I may serve God as a useful tool for His work, thanks.

Ramiro, CA

Dear Brother Ronald,

I’ve been reading more and more of the workbook. The more I read the harder it is to put down. It is very informative. It is a great book. I can hardly put it down. It’s awesome that you take the time to personally reply to my letters. I know something wonderful is happening in my life. I sent an application to my mom. Maybe you’ll hear from them.

Ryan, TN


A fellow brother in Christ, another inmate, gave me your address and told me of your ministry. I would like to know more. Can you please send me some information about your ministry. If you have a Bible study program I’d be interested in that as well. However, I have no money with which to pay you. Thank you very much for your time.

William, CA

Dear Ronald John,

This is Jason. I recently sent you a letter asking for your study book. My next move isn’t for three months. I will have plenty of time to complete it and send it back completed. I will surely put it to great use if you’ll be able to send me one. I am indigent without anyone to send me money or stamps. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the study.

Jason, TN

Dear Brother Ronald,

I am sorry to say that I am indigent. I do not have any money support from inside or outside of jail. If you could please send me the book, I would really appreciate it. If you cannot, I understand. If and when I get out and if and when I get a job I would like to donate some money to your cause. But I do not know when that will be. Is prison scary? Do bad things happen there? Did you come out different? If you could answer these questions, I would really appreciate it because I might be looking at prison time and I am scared and looking for advice.

Josh, CA


Hi. I’m doing well in my "gated" community. I enjoyed your comment. It made me smile. :-) Thank you for the encouraging letter. I needed to be reminded of those things: to not get complacent, to work on my patience, to rely totally on the Lord, to communicate more with Him through prayer and meditation. I needed to be reminded that it is a team effort and the Lord is our Captain. Well, it is easy to accept that the Lord is always working to build my character. I acknowledge it because I know what a fantastic future he has in store for us. I get so sad when I see so many people around me that don’t feel we need to acknowledge the Lord’s law anymore. It’s so plain to me. A couple of simple verses that anyone should be able to understand: James 2:12 and Romans 2:12. I’ll tell you, it is so apparent that Satan has done a heck of a job hiding the truth from so many people. Thankfully though, I have been able to open some people’s eyes, particularly to younger guys who haven’t been contaminated with all the false Christianity nonsense. Psalm 111:10 - "A good understanding have all those that do His commandments." They realize and I agree with them that there are a lot of people who know the Bible real well, but the problem is, they don’t understand it properly. They won’t understand it properly unless they obey His commandments, which one of course is the Seventh-day Sabbath. All these people acknowledging Sunday don’t understand the Bible properly. Ministering here is going well. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger audience. Obviously there’s plenty of people in here but most have a hard time accepting what another inmate says.

Peter, IL

Dear Ron,

I pray that the young man puts his heart into the Lords work and becomes a strong tool in Gods work shed, I have never been happier or more fulfilled as I am now in this season of my life. Addiction counseling is a relentless job with a lot of failures so its easy to get discouraged when you see so many backslide and go back out. I stress to the guys renew your mind with the good things of Christ and what he did for us, His word will carry us through any storm and every season we face as long as we are faithful and obedient to what Jesus has taught us. I refer to your studies often on the web site It is my main staple for renewing my mind. It is a blessing thank you . Love in Christ,

John, GA

Dear Brother Ron,

Thank you for your letter brother. I appreciate you writing all of us inmates. I guess the grammatical errors can slide because your letters are very pretty. :-) Writing all of these inmates though can probably get confusing. How can you handle it. :-) You are right brother. The CYLB does have the answers. So why do I write you letters that seem like I have never read the book before? What are we going to do with me? :-) Reading and knowing are one thing. Living and doing are another. I need to learn how to properly practice this selfless love. I am trying to study and learn so I can do things right. I want to do things right. My whole life has been doing things wrong. Now I want to do right. I want to do it exactly like God tells me too. So I need to calm down and love :-) I don’t want to take possession of truth as my own, but I do want to possess it within me so I can share it properly. How true is the fact that people will believe what they want to believe. In prison that truth really shines. I do appreciate dry humor. Keep up the good work and beautiful clip art. I hope Charles does read and learn. I lived near and around Kentucky all my life. It does seem to be in a different country. I hope things are well in El Salvador too. We went on lockdown again a couple days ago. It seems people are still trying to kill each other in here. How sad. These gangs in here always tell each other "love and respect" but never show it. Well brother, I appreciate your advice. I will put these things into practice. I will humble myself, obey, study and learn.

Preston, IN

Brother Ron,

I put my brand new certificate on my wall. When I got your letter and opened up the envelope, it was the first thing I pulled out. Man, it felt good. Yes, I know this is not the end of my learning and studying of the word. Until I stop breathing or Christ comes, will I be done. People here are spoiled. I’ve been talking to some people here about the studies in CYLB. One of the first & main thing they ask is, do you send stamps so they could write you back. When I tell them no, they must provide their own, they lose interest. Their way of thinking is wrong. I just hope some of these folks take Christ into their hearts.

Gilbert, TX

Men and women in need of physical and spiritual healing are to be thus brought into contact with those whose words and acts will draw them to Christ. They are to be brought under the influence of the great Medical Missionary, who can heal both soul and body. They are to hear the story of the Saviour’s love, of the pardon freely provided for all who come to Him confessing their sins.

Under such influences as these, many suffering ones will be guided into the way of life. Angels of heaven cooperate with human instrumentalities in bringing encouragement and hope and joy and peace to the hearts of the sick and suffering. Under such conditions the sick are doubly blessed, and many find health. The feeble step recovers its elasticity. The eye regains its brightness. The hopeless become hopeful. The once despondent countenance wears an expression of joy. The complaining tones of the voice give place to tones of cheerfulness and content.

As physical health is regained, men and women are better able to exercise that faith in Christ which secures the health of the soul. In the consciousness of sins forgiven there is inexpressible peace and joy and rest. The clouded hope of the Christian is brightened. The words express the belief, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me." "He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength." Psalm 46:1; 23:4; Isaiah 40:29. (MH 267-268)

This ministry wants to thank each of you for your love and support. The devil is trying so hard to keep people from sacrificing and supporting this, God’s last ministry on earth today. We are told that the people who will be going to heaven will give up the things of this earth in order to make sure that God’s ministries: those who teach what He taught - stop sinning, be perfect and keep the Ten Commandments to get your eternal life - will have what they need to get the work done.

I can see the sifting taking place now. People are living as if Jesus won’t come for another hundred years. They are building and planning for the "future" on this earth. Yet they claim to be Christians. God’s ministry is in need. Are there any out there who are willing to put their words and beliefs into practice and sacrifice for Jesus and take out a loan, dip into their retirement or sell extra properties in order to bless God’s ministry.

What you do to this ministry God will do to you. He gave up all heaven for you. What will you give up to help His ministry? Many are sick, things are going bad in their lives, nothing seems to be going right. It is only through sacrificing and surrendering all you have to Jesus that you can have the blessings of God.

Love in Christ,


The Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless. Psalm 84:11