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Prison Mission Report

Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Lord,Dog

"Words of cheer and encouragement spoken when the soul is sick and the pulse of courage is low--these are regarded by the Saviour as if spoken to Himself. As hearts are cheered, the heavenly angels look on in pleased recognition.

"From age to age the Lord has been seeking to awaken in the souls of men a sense of their divine brotherhood. Be co-workers with Him. While distrust and alienation are pervading the world, Christ’s disciples are to reveal the spirit that reigns in heaven.

"Speak as He would speak, act as He would act. Constantly reveal the sweetness of His character. Reveal that wealth of love which underlies all His teachings and all His dealings with men. The humblest workers, in co-operation with Christ, may touch chords whose vibrations shall ring to the ends of the earth and make melody throughout eternal ages.

"Heavenly intelligences are waiting to co-operate with human instrumentalities, that they may reveal to the world what human beings may become, and what, through union with the Divine, may be accomplished for the saving of souls that are ready to perish. There is no limit to the usefulness of one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God. All who consecrate body, soul, and spirit to His service will be constantly receiving a new endowment of physical, mental, and spiritual power. The inexhaustible supplies of heaven are at their command. Christ gives them the breath of His own Spirit, the life of His own life. The Holy Spirit puts forth its highest energies to work in mind and heart. Through the grace given us we may achieve victories that because of our own erroneous and preconceived opinions, our defects of character, our smallness of faith, have seemed impossible.

"To everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service, withholding nothing, is given power for the attainment of measureless results. For these God will do great things. He will work upon the minds of men so that, even in this world, there shall be seen in their lives a fulfillment of the promise of the future state. {MH 159-160}

Dear Bro Ron,

It’s me, Tim. I want to thank you first off on sending me your book. I was really disappointed I didn’t receive it. I was never even notified by the jail it was sent back to you. I am sorry for everything but I have no control what the jail does. I have taken your advise and contacted the prison you told me to notify. I have filed the proper grievance with the jail concerning this matter. I am still keeping my head up because I know God will come through for me. I am still a little discouraged because I was really looking forward to your book. Anything that strengthens my relationship with God is worth more than gold. I want to thank you also by letting me know what the jail has done. I had no idea that you already sent the book.

Tim, TN

Hey Minister,

I read your JCPM service and wanted to join your program you got going on. I would like to have a workbook and receive the love of God questions. I’m willing to look at myself honestly, truthfully and thoughtfully. I want these chains and bars to break and set me free so I can live my young life and do things I dreamed of doing while being incarcerated. My name is Shanon and I’m 18 years old. I was young, dumb and got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. I learned my lessons about what to do and not to do. I’m interested in your service. I want to receive love, happiness, faithfulness and respect. Here are the 10 stamps from the heart and lift my spirit up and move on to something new than this jail life.

Shanon, CA

Dearest Brother Ronald John,

I’ve finished reading your book and I must say, "WOW!" My eyes and heart are wide open to the truth. I’m really excited about sharing this news with my family to start with and with whomever I bump into here during this violation. My new celly is really skeptical about what I try to show him. I really don’t think he will ask for the workbook on his own. I’m not sure if he will read it. But I’m trying to leave that seed planted. He is a Catholic. It is just him and I in this cell 24/7 so I do have my work cut out for me. But I have faith in the Word of God.

Jerry, CA

Brother Ronald,

I’ve been learning a lot of things I’ve always believed. The chapter on Revelation brought a lot of facts to the prophecies of the book. Romans Seven is a lot clearer and makes sense now. The information in the first volume was like a refresher for me. The sanctuary message is something I have always grasped. Once I started reading the second volume it was as if the Bible started gaining volume. I have always believed the Bible and I understood the things in it really took place. I just never connected the "stones" in the Bible with actual historical events. I didn’t know that Christ would return one year from the time of blue laws are enforced. I’ve been waiting for that to happen for a few years. I do like how you put "at-one-ment". I smile every time I see that in your book. I knew the Catholic church "changed" the Sabbath to Sunday. But I had no idea it was as serious as you laid it out in the chapter about the Pope’s letter. I have said for years, "This is what I believe, but I can’t tell you why". I mean of course I could talk about the basics, but I couldn’t validate my beliefs with Scripture. Now I can. I have to use the book a lot to find Scripture pertaining to what I’m talking about. I’ve even started observing the Sabbath again. I’ve become very aware of the things I should or shouldn’t do. And now that that has happened I don’t have as much association with people as I used to. I find myself walking away from most conversations I am working on a few inmates but most don’t want to hear what I have to say. I am living as perfectly as I know how. And I ask God each morning and each night to show me my next step. My attitude has improved and I’m in really good mood the majority of the time. I give thanks to God for that. Because I no longer have to worry about the outcome of my life. I live according to His instructions and the outcome is what He wants for my life at that time. The more I look back at things I’ve seen and heard as well as done, the more all this stuff makes sense. It’s as if my eyes have just opened for the first time.

Ryan, TN

Dear Brother Ron,

Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote you last. Things here are real busy. We have a lot of inmates moving out of state. The prison here is shipping inmates out to Arizona and we are getting a lot from reception centers. Our yard here is always full; all the time. I am still spreading the gospel and planting seeds. I am even planting seeds into some of the officers in our building. I am even trying to get the officers to keep more of the new Christian brothers in our building that come through. My building, half of it is orientation and once they are cleared for the yard, they get moved out to other buildings. So I am trying to get the officers to keep the Christian brothers and move more of the non-programers out. This way we can have more Bible studies and fellowship. I plant seeds in the non-programers, but most of them don’t want to hear it. You can only do so much and just be a light among the darkness.

Richard, CA

Dear Brother Ronald John,

I want to take the time to say "Thank you" for your book, "Change Your Life biblically". I enjoyed it very much and have been giving out your flyers to all our brothers in Christ. As a matter of fact, I gave my book to another inmate to read. He paroled with it. Hopefully he will be able to put it to good use for some positive changes in his life and won’t end up back in this place.

Kevin, CA


I have read "Change Your Life Biblically" at least four times. As I just finished reading volume 1 again, I am still finding things that are new to me to help live a true Christian life. I am 37 years old and until approximately a year or so ago I had never studied the Bible. I had been to two or three church services while incarcerated. Two or three at the most, and never went in the free world. I believed in God because it seemed like everyone else did. But I honestly had doubts. I really doubted the Bible. It just seemed from what I had always heard that a bunch of really smart guys got together and wrote a book that would show you the tricks to living a happy life. You really couldn’t go wrong if you followed what these guys wrote. I’ve always thought of being a Christian and always wanted to go to church. So I decided to start studying. I tried to read the Bible at first, but it seemed to be written in a foreign language. I couldn’t understand any of it. So I began doing Bible studies. My wife mailed a list of addresses to me and I wrote dozens of studies and this is when I came across Jesus Christ Prison Ministry. I began reading Volume I and I was really just going through the motions. Then I reached the chapter, "Proof of the Bible". Now I woke up. At last, "proof". I didn’t really know what a prophecy was, but once I read Daniel, I found out that there was only one explanation and that is God. I’m the type of person that I don’t believe in dreams, from all my years in prison I don’t believe anything I hear and only 1/2 of what I see. It has to be proven. God did this through Daniel. I now know this. I still felt kind of like I was doing something wrong by not going to church in here everyday like the rest of the "born again" brothers here. But I just wasn’t with the screaming and falling down and other drama. Through Volume I, I have learned that church isn’t the requirement for eternal life at all. And belonging to the big fancy church on the outside isn’t either. I have let myself be misled by false prophets. Now I know to beware. As I continued through Volume I, I ran across several things that were different then what I had been learning in my brief life as a new servant of God. I was pretty much learning that the Old Testament was just that, "old". That all the laws were pretty much done away with. Salvation was earned by confessing my sins to Jesus and believing He died on the cross for my sins. I now know the Old Testament shows the way to salvation; the requirements for eternal life. And I now know that I must obey God’s Commandments. All of them; including the keeping of the Sabbath. I even went to the prison chaplain and asked about these new things I was learning. He told me to pick and choose what I wanted from the study. But suggested that I just leave it alone. False prophet! I thought it over and came to the conclusion that this is what I consider "hard-core" Christianity. I was hard-core for 37 years at everything I did. Hard-core drug addict. Hard-core thief. Hard-core robber. Hard-core adulterer. Hard-core liar. Why not be a "hard-core Christian"? If I try to be perfect, stop sinning and obey all the commandments, what’s the worse that can happen? I go to Heaven. If I listen to most of the worldly churches and false prophets - hell. I can take the shortcut of their teachings and sure, I’ll be a better person, even a good person and end up with death. I can work a little harder: be perfect, stop sinning and obey the commandments. I’ll definitely be a better person and I’ll definitely end up with eternal life. "I’m not taking chances. I’ve learned what grace is. I know grace is why I am alive today. It gives me time to learn faith. To learn how to live. To learn how to receive eternal life. Just like I would go on missions for money to get more drugs, I am now on a mission for the truth: to be set free.

Shawn, FL


This prison is a tough nut to crack. There are a lot of guys who are set in their ways. There are a few who I go over and teach them the truth. They enjoy that. But there are a lot who apparently want nothing to do with the truth. Overall, I think my missionary work is going good. I came across one person who I’ve never talked to and never met. But I read some stuff he wrote. It’s nice to see someone seeking the truth. I don’t know what route he is taking but he acknowledges the Sabbath and from what I read of his, he is pretty knowledgeable. It will be nice to share some thoughts with someone. I have had good success overall getting through to those not steeped in counterfeit teachings.

Peter, IL

Dear Dad, (another one of my wonderful "son’s of God")

I have been staying out of trouble. I’m still doing the GED classes. I’ve been learning how to play handball. It’s taking me a minute to learn how to play. Sometimes I get frustrated. It’s all bad when that happens. I can’t play. I’m still struggling with my anger. I’ve been tested a couple times in here. All I did was bite my tongue and swallowed my pride and let it go. It takes a lot to do that. As you know, especially in this kind of environment. I found out that I’ve only got 3 - 4 more years. I thought I had 10 - 14 more to go. Praise God. I’m so tired of being in here. I’m ready to get out and start a life. Well, I love you dad. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Tony, NV

Dear JCPM,

I have been trying to find some kind of way to study my Bible and I found out that your ministry sends Bible studies. I really do need this and after I saw how God has been helping people grow through your workbook, I really want it. If you can send one to me and my celly that would be awesome.

Roberto, CA

Dear Brother Ron,

I was so happy to receive my certificate of completion and the praise for my last report in your letter. This means a great deal to me. Also, the personalized bookmarks and the newsletter are blessings that often bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Thank you so very much. Enclosed is my pen-pal form for the website. Thank you. I pray it will be fruitful. I’m standing strong in my study with a small group of Christians and sharing with them the knowledge from "Change Your Life Biblically". I have given them the order forms so I know you’ll be receiving them soon. It really would be great to receive my own Bible. Having only recently come to reception I haven’t gotten one yet. I only wish that in my study I will gain the same courage you seemed to have developed while here in Tehachapi. Just the fact that you were willing to die for teaching the truth is praiseworthy. Though what impressed me more is what you have gotten out and done. That is a pattern to follow for me. Your letters coming bring a great relief and lift a burden in these dark times for me. I really pray that someone responds to my request for a pen-pal. I know you understand how heavy it can be on someone in here to have no one to write to. My prayer life has really grown with Jesus since starting this Study and I want my life to be an example of goodness and brotherly kindness to others.

Martin, CA


I thank you for this test and its sound doctrinal strict teachings. It has changed my ways of thinking. Instead of thinking no one is perfect and I’m saved by grace because of the blood of Jesus shed for me - knowing I could never earn or deserve it. I guess I sold myself short because I was confused. I was wrongfully brainwashed to think once He died on the cross we are saved by our faith by just believing. Now since I read your book, I have a broader understanding about it all and a deeper appreciation of what all Christ Jesus did and still does for us and what all He went through. I don’t want to sin or do things that are not in synch with Jesus and His teachings. I want to do good for Him and I don’t want to do bad figuring it’s against Him personally.

Ronald, CA

Dear Brother Ron,

Since receiving your "Change Your Life Biblically" book, it has been amazing. God and you have opened my mind and heart to realize how powerful, merciful and compassionate (loving) He is. I wish to thank you and your volunteers whom are literally doing the work to make sure the book stays in our hands and that we continue to have the ability to study this God-given book. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used as a person "God fearing man" that God can use to assist others into knowing the truth. I am so consumed by this book that I have spread the news like a fire. I also have started an English/Spanish Bible study group using your materials so the blessing I have received can be received by others too. Just the time I have been inside, people say they see me becoming a totally new person. I truly enjoy being used by the Lord. So if I can help in any way, please feel free to let me know. Please continue to send me your newsletters for they are a true sign that God is working miracles in our lives and it is so beautiful to feel the Joy of God.

Angelina, CA

Dear Ronald John,

I have once again reviewed these sections and there are many parts of this part of the book that I use in my everyday life. Daniel 7 was the clincher for me. I have pretty much been raised by the State of Florida in the Department of Corrections. I have learned years ago to believe nothing I hear and only 1/2 of what I see. This belief has only made the Bible that much harder for me to understand. I do consider myself a realist. Daniel 7 is real. I wish to share it with my wife. Daniel 11 was a real eye opener for me. My children have occasionally attended holiday mass with some good friends of ours at a local Catholic Church in my hometown. I never thought twice about it. Actually I always considered it a good thing since my goal has always been for them to go to church even though mom and I didn’t. I thought my duty as a parent was to have my kids in church. Since learning about the Catholics, my kids will never be allowed into one of their buildings again. This is my duty as their parent. My wife pretty much follows the common worldwide teaching of: "Jesus loves everybody. All you have to do for eternal life is ask for forgiveness." I have explained the proof throughout your study and my view to follow it because I do not wish to take any chances with my relationship with God. If I happen to be a little "fanatical" so be it. I’m sure God won’t mind. But I refuse to follow the worldwide doctrine and just recognize some of the laws. I have also learned about tithes and offerings which I never knew was real. I am in a position at this time to not be able to do this. When I can I will. I am a leader in here. I am pretty much at the top of the chain with the white boys. I am big. I am tough. I am a very serious man in the prison system here. I am changing drastically with my new way of life. My brothers do not know how to take this change. They look at me like I’m crazy. Sometimes I stand at my cell door and read parts of your book during count time. I read it loud so everyone can hear. It gets quiet. I know some want to tell me to shut up. I feel it in the air. But they can’t. They are afraid of the consequences. They don’t understand that this is a new me. The old me is almost gone. They think I am crazy.

Shawn, FL

To Whom It may Concern,

I’m an inmate. I am scheduled to be released soon. Everyday I am trying to strengthen my faith with the Lord. I heard about your book, "Change Your Life Biblically", or better yet, I ran across someone who had a copy. Can you please send me a copy of that book?

Bradley, CA

Brother Ron,

Please send a book to my grandson who is in a prison facility. He needs our prayers too. He got in with the wrong people and he seems to be on the most part a follower. He is now open to your book for now is the time of need. I am putting extra $20 for the book and postage. Bob and I are praying for your ministry. Thank God for people like you. ($50 for tithe)

Rena, TN

Dear Ronald John,

I am very eager to begin this Bible study. I am from Boston and have no family to send me money. As a matter of fact, when I leave prison I will be homeless. I am still young in my faith and need all the direction I can get.

Raymond, CA

Dear Ronald John,

Thank you for the certificate and bookmarks. I will say that I feel the completion of this course may be my greatest achievement ever. And it is only the beginning. Thank you for showing me the way. Please don’t quit teaching me. Where do I go from here? Are there any other courses you recommend? I am hungry for this. When I study I’m at peace. When I leave my cell it seems like the demons take over. I don’t know if I am ready to take flight on my own. I ask God to help. I’m a big tough man. As tough as a man can be. But I’m scared to death that I’m not tough enough to be a Christian. A true Christian. I don’t want to let God down. I don’t want to fail. I can’t afford to fail. This is my chance to finally live. And I need all the more guidance I can get. Yes, I would like a Bible. If you run across any Christians that will write just give my address to them.

Shawn, FL

Dear Brother Ronald John,

I received your letter and I’m writing back sending you the 10 first class stamps. Hopefully you can mail me the workbook. I’ve been looking forward since I’ve heard of your program. I know I’ll learn a lot.

Nicolas, CA

Ronald John,

I am sending you the 10 forever bell stamps. I wanted to say that I am thankful for the fact that you took the time out of your life to send me a correspondence without a delay. All you do and will do will always be looking forward with anticipation for your help and this journey to begin.

Julio, CA

Dear Brother Ron,

Hello and God bless you and your ministry. I received your ever so blessed by the Holy Spirit book. My neighbor at West Valley told me about your book. I thank God and you for it. It has opened doors and my eyes like nobody’s business. WOW - Thank you Jesus.

Marcus, CA

Dear JCPM,

I received a pamphlet about your free workbook. I would appreciate it very much if I could receive one of your workbooks. I love learning about the Bible every chance that I can.

Brian, IN

"In the construction of buildings, whether for public purposes or as dwellings, care should be taken to provide for good ventilation and plenty of sunlight. Churches and schoolrooms are often faulty in this respect. Neglect of proper ventilation is responsible for much of the drowsiness and dullness that destroy the effect of many a sermon and make the teacher’s work toilsome and ineffective.

"So far as possible, all buildings intended for human habitation should be placed on high, well-drained ground. This will ensure a dry site and prevent the danger of disease from dampness and miasma. This matter is often too lightly regarded. Continuous ill-health, serious diseases, and many deaths result from the dampness and malaria of low-lying, ill-drained situations.

"In the building of houses it is especially important to secure thorough ventilation and plenty of sunlight. Let there be a current of air and an abundance of light in every room in the house. Sleeping rooms should be so arranged as to have a free circulation of air day and night. No room is fit to be occupied as a sleeping room unless it can be thrown open daily to the air and sunshine. In most countries bedrooms need to be supplied with conveniences for heating, that they may be thoroughly warmed and dried in cold or wet weather.

"The guestchamber should have equal care with the rooms intended for constant use. Like the other bedrooms, it should have air and sunshine, and should be provided with some means of heating, to dry out the dampness that always accumulates in a room not in constant use. Whoever sleeps in a sunless room, or occupies a bed that has not been thoroughly dried and aired, does so at the risk of health, and often of life.

"In building, many make careful provision for their plants and flowers. The greenhouse or window devoted to their use is warm and sunny; for without warmth, air, and sunshine, plants would not live and flourish. If these conditions are necessary to the life of plants, how much more necessary are they for our own health and that of our families and guests!

"If we would have our homes the abiding place of health and happiness we must place them above the miasma and fog of the lowlands, and give free entrance to heaven’s life-giving agencies. Dispense with heavy curtains, open the windows and the blinds, allow no vines, however beautiful, to shade the windows, and permit no trees to stand so near the house as to shut out the sunshine. The sunlight may fade the drapery and the carpets, and tarnish the picture frames; but it will bring a healthy glow to the cheeks of the children.

"Those who have the aged to provide for should remember that these especially need warm, comfortable rooms. Vigor declines as years advance, leaving less vitality with which to resist unhealthful influences; hence the greater necessity for the aged to have plenty of sunlight, and fresh, pure air." MH 274-275

I have been watching "mother earth" over the past year. It hasn’t been fun. So much is happening. Not only by "mother nature" but by those who live on "mother earth". Turmoil and disasters by inanimate nature and the animated heart. Mother Nature has gone mad with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and fires. Then there are the hearts that have gone mad. Hate crimes, crimes of passion, killings, revolutions and wars.

Because the world has rejected God’s law He is rejecting the world. Because the world has made "science" it’s god, the creator of science has left the world to its god. Man thinks he is so smart and able to use science to solve all hi problems. So God is going to give him his wish. To see if he can solve all his problems.

But man can’t solve his problems. Only God, through His Spirit, can keep the world together. Only God, through His Spirit, can keep the heart together. When we step outside of the power of God, our lives and the world around us goes mad.

In Haiti we saw what happens to buildings that were not built to code. In Japan we saw how buildings that were built to code withstood much of the earthquake that shook it. Building to code is very important. Those contractors who paid attention to the code and built with great care to meet the perfect, highest standard of the code were rewarded by seeing their buildings survive the shaking.

There is another shaking soon to take place. We are all contractors.

We are all to be Christian contractors building perfect characters by the Code.

When the great shaking comes, only those who have built their characters by the highest standard of that Code will see their building survive the shaking. The book, "Change Your Life Biblically" was dictated by the Holy Spirit to provide the information for those contractors who want to build by the Highest Standard Code available from the Throne of God.

Your church can’t build your character. Your pastor can’t build your character. Your denomination can’t build your character. Only you can build your perfect character using the power of the Spirit of God.

Love in Christ,



The Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless. Psalm 84:11